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My beautiful Journey of Motherhood

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When I was kid and I use to see my mom working so hard for the family , I use to wonder how she manages this all , with a smile on her face and always ready to help others , any thing and everything for her kids.
Now after becoming mother I correlate everything and now can understand her struggle and pain and her strength that made her work so hard for her family.
Mothers are strong creatures who can fight with the world for the sake of her kids.
The journey starts from bringing them to world then taking care of their small needs, feeding them , teaching them , making them good human beings by giving them right moral values, protecting them , supporting them .
So parents specially mothers are Pillar Of strength for their kids.
I have three small kids , a son and then two daughters .
They are school going kids .
I have several sweet memories of my motherhood.
The awesome feeling when I became Mom for the first time , I was on cloud9 feeling that I have achieved some thing great in my life.
The happiness when my son called me MAMA for the first time .
Then when my daughters were born I felt my family is complete .
Almighty has given me everything in my life.
My world revolves round my kids. Their likes and dislikes are now my likes and dislikes.
Since they do not like spicy food , I put less spice in curries .
Since they love watching cartoons , I also watch cartoon with them and I really enjoy spending quality time with them .
One of my Fondest memory of my son innocence is when we took him for nursery school admission , I had taught him so many things , how to answer when Principal or teacher will ask you some basic questions , he nodded and said yes But when the principal asked her the first question ” What’s your name ? ”
He answered “Rasgulla”
Principal laughed and said “Is this your name ”
He answered ” first give me Rasgulla , then I will tell my name ”
Everyone laughed , he got admission but I still laugh on this innocence of his .

So I feel a women becomes complete when she becomes mother because by becoming mother she learns how to give unconditional love and affection to others .

My beautiful Journey of Motherhood

Sharing Is Caring

“I am writing for the #ShareTheLoad activity at BlogAdda.com in association with Ariel.”

Few decades back in Indian household it was a common thing that Men will do job and women will take care of daily household chores. But with time things changed , women started taking technical education , they were more willing to do a job than simply sitting at home and doing cooking & cleaning.
Slowly and gradually family system also got changed , earlier there more joint families and women were expected to dedicate their life looking after family needs , but now we see more of nuclear families , a small family with husband , wife and kids.
So with the change of family system many other things also got changed .
There are times when a wife is ill or not well then the husband has to step in and do house hold chores.
And now a days after taking technical education women do not want to sit at home , they also want to pursue their carrier like their male counterparts.
So when a husband and wife both are sharing the load of earning money , then they should also share the load in household chores.
Now a days because of change in economy and high standard of living it is quite difficult to run a household with single income , so wives do step out of the house to help their husbands to have a decent monthly income. But she has to manage both home and her job.
In such situations it is very much required that husband should also help them in their daily house hold chores , It develops a strong bond of Love and affection between spouses as wife feels that her husband is caring for her.
This also generated a positive atmosphere in the home.
Kids also learn good things from their parents that we should work together and help each other.
We can also teach kids to help their parents by doing simple things at home like taking care of younger siblings, helping mom in cleaning and cooking , Thus this way we can give a good teaching to our kids.
In my case I am very lucky as my husband is very caring and supportive , when I am ill he does everything starting from cooking , washing clothes and taking care of kids.
In fact during weekends he wants to cook something different so that I can get a day break from cooking.
And we can spend more quality time together rather than me indulged in endless works at home.
My kids have learned good things from their dad then when somebody is ill we should take care of them and allow them to have rest and let them get well soon.


Thus this sharing the load concept is bringing a positive change in the society by men becoming more responsible towards their family and women getting more time to dedicate to their carrier along with being a dutiful wife and a caring mother or we can say a perfect homemaker .
This also helps to maintain work life balance for both the partners.


Sharing Is Caring

Satisfaction Is The Key To happiness

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#CelebrateLife everyday

Happiness is a million dollar thing that does not comes with money or materialistic things but comes with small things as well.
The activities that make me happy are :
By solving others problems and bringing a smile on their face .
By making favourite breakfast or lunch for our family .
By going out for a vacation with kids and my husband.
By winning any contest or getting any prize or gift .
By celebrating a festival with near and dear ones.


so one can enjoy small things in life and be happy.
We should not wait for a Big Thing to happen but we should be happy in small things which we enjoy.
It also includes hobbies and passions .
Because it destress mind and body , one feels relaxed after that.
In fact one should try to live & enjoy each n every moment , thanking the almighty for all good things he has given to us.
Life is full of challenges , among those challenges and problems one should try to find happiness.

sometimes small things like sitting in the lap of nature or simply watching chirping birds or blooming flowers gives you happiness.

One can be happy only if he/she wants to be , otherwise nothing on earth could make them happy.
I personally know many people who are in a habit of complaining about everything , they can’t be happy and they are never satisfied.
If you are satisfied you are happy.
Instead of complaining about small problems in life one should be thankful to almighty for all the blessings and good things they had got in their life.
one more important things is we should stop comparing our lives with others because we never know what the other person is going through.
Comparison only makes us sad , because we think that others are more successful , we are not , they are more wealthy and happy , we are not. But its not true . Because we know only their success stories we have no idea about their struggles and problems.
If they are successful and happy they must have done lot of hard work .
So we should take inspiration from them , we should not compare our lives with them,

At last I would like to say enjoy your life to the fullest by doing what you like and try to be happy.
we can celebrate life everyday by doing small activities of our like & passion , only thing needed is positive attitude towards life.

Satisfaction Is The Key To happiness


#I am writing this blog as a part of Bloggers contest from Aviva India

Its true to say that education gives wings to dream .
A child when born knows nothing , slowly picks up his/her mother tongue or language spoken at home , gradually learns many more things from his/her surroundings .
But Education makes him a COMPLETE MAN , with the POWER OF KNOWLEDGE , Manners and etiquettes , fineness in everything .
Small kids dream many things about future specially about their choice of carrier , What to become -a doctor or an engineer or an architect etc, but without proper education its impossible to fulfill that dream.
so education acts as a bridge between child’s dream and reality. Even when they play , they try to act what they want to become in future.
A child’s educational journey starts from preschool or Nursery as we say , here choice of school is very important , because if the child’s foundation is not strong then it would be quite difficult for him/her to cope with higher studies.
In my case for all my kids my decision for preschool was very good , I talked with several parents in my neighbourhood and enquired about various schools then finally selected a good school and sent my kids there and now after several years I feel quite Happy that I made a right decision. Once the base is strong then the child can pick anything themselves , they only need proper Guidance .
I strongly feel its very important to make them master English language because they have to study almost everything in English. So if their English is good they can understand everything nicely.
Since my kids are in primary classes its too early to decide their professional course right now, But I have given them the liberty to choose what they want , Parents Guidance and decision is very important but their choice should be kept in mind.
My son loves Science fiction and often says that he wants to be a scientist so that he can discover new things , I always support him saying try new things and he MAKES MODELS OF VARIOUS THINGS .
My daughter loves cooking and learning new recipies , in her free time she watches various youtube videos to know about various recipies so I always encourage her and say you can become an excellent Chef .
These encouragement gives them Moral boost and makes them happy.




“I am writing for #IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob activity at BlogAdda.com in association with Ariel.”

In India there is a mind set that Laundry is a womans job .Whether she is a home maker or a working professional its her duty to do laundry for the entire family. We have been seeing this since our childhood specially in the previous generation this thought or concept was more prevalent , we have seen our fathers , uncles and cousin depending on their wives or mothers for their laundry work. But now there is a slight change in the scenario specially when women have come out of their home and started doing job. I feel today Men are bit more responsible and understanding , sometimes they try to help their wives in daily house hold chores including laundry, which has become little easier with latest types of washing machines available in the market.
In my case I would say I AM LUCKY as my husband is sometimes helping me in my daily chores specially laundry work. During weekends he tries to wash his clothes in the machine with the help of all sort of cleansers he can get like Colline Collar cleaner , and Ujala Supreme for white clothes etc.
This all got accelerated after a funny incident:
Earlier I use to do all laundry work specially during weekends as I am also working in a school , so very busy during week days. Once My husbands shirt was not looking very clean after getting washed in the washing machine , angrily he said” Do a little more hard work for cleaning my clothes” , My youngest daughter who was 4 years old then , felt very bad as she loves me a lot and can’t bear any body scolding me , said Abbu mama is also very busy with her job and daily household chores , she does cooking , cleaning , washing clothes (of everyone including you) , how much more work will she do? can’t you wash your clothes yourself ??
and instead of saying her Thanks you are scolding her , I won’t talk to you.
This made a deep impact on my Husbands pysycology and he agreed to what my daughter has said.
And then started helping me in many works , specially washing his own clothes, thus breaking the rule that men can’t do laundry.
So I feel that men should be made to realise that Laundry is not only a woman’s work , they can also do with the help of washing machine and most important they should realise the hard work put by the women folk of their homes in everything , be it be cleaning or cooking or taking care of kids etc.They should appreciate their wives , moms and sisters for everything and make them feel better and worth even after doing household chores.

Regarding statistics its true that 85% of working women feel that they are doing two jobs , Being a working woman I completely agree with this , I often get tired and exhausted doing my job & household chores.

And thinking of the past generation men this is also true that 77% or more men depend on woman for the laundry work.

and 2/3rd of the Indian women think that there is inequality at home between men and woman because a man does not want to do anything after coming from work place where as a woman does a lot of work after coming back to home from work place , as in my case after coming from School in the afternoon I cook food and do other works of my home .

So it would be true to say Men and Woman are different : one is from Mars and the other from Venus.


Healthy Mind reflects Healthy Body

People these days have lot more health issues as compared to people a decade ago.
High Blood pressure, Diabetes , Depression , Joint pains the list is long.
The reason is simple STRESS the mother of all problems.
Again the reason for stress may vary from person to person but its effect are same.
Poor people take stress to earn daily wage and get two time meal a day.
middle class people take stress to maintain the social status , competing with others specially friends and relatives in terms of properties , cars , jewelleries etc.
And the stress taken by Upper class is again to maintain their lifestyle , competing and beating others.
If a person has a simple mobile phone , he/she wants a smart phone , the one having smartphone wants IPhone , Ipads etc. The list never ends and ultimately people take stress for silly things and it effects their health.
I feel people have really forgotten to be content in what they have, The more content they will be with their lives the more happy they will be.
I remember when I was young we use to have simple Birthday parties with Homemade cakes and sweets but now it is a grand affair, 5 star hotels , Dj’s , rocking music show of money , the essence and innocence of Birthday parties is gone.It is a show Biz for rich parents rather than simple kids party.
And those who can’t make up in this MAD RACE end up getting frustuated and depressed.
Thus leading to numerous health issues.

Healthy Mind reflects Healthy Body

Arabic cuisine in Hyderabad

Mouth watering Arabic cuisine is available in Hyderabad which is not available in any other city in India.
The most important reason for this is there are plenty of foreign nationals from Gulf countries in Hyderabad.
People from Saudi Arab , Dubai , Iran and other gulf countries are staying as students and professionals , even many Somalians and Sudanese nationals are staying here. So a mix of cultures has effected the food industry also. we see resturants offering Arabian dishes like shawarma, Falafel, kabsa laham , Muttabaq etc.
These food are not only healthy but very yummy too, as they use less spices as compared to Indian dishes .
The sweet dishes like Kunafeh made from Vermicille or sewaiyen , umme Ali , Basbusa are also available .
people in Hyderabad really relish Arabian food because of its taste .
Irani chai is so famous here that people can’t think of without it. It is also called ” Sheer Chai ” as it very sweet .
so any one who plans to visit Hyderabad do try Arabian dishes here specially the Irani Chai.


Arabic cuisine in Hyderabad

Online contest in India

Having a Facebook , Twitter Account I come across various contests . I had participated in many of these contests , won many prizes and really enjoyed participating these contests. A very good way to expresss your views or show your talent . Prize amount or cost of prize/gift does not matters , what really matters is the happiness you get by winning a contest. It really boosts your confidence.
I remember once I had participated in a recipe contest on facebook where it was asked to create a new dish using left over dishes. I had send a recipe of Falafel made from leftover Rajma (Kidney Beans). A unique and a different recipe . and I won the contest . Yo! I was so happy , I was on cloud 9 that my recipe got selected .After few days I received my prize – a gift hamper form Himalaya Herbals containing various cosmetics , it was good. And then I started participating in more and more contests, every time trying to be better then before and won many prizes like flipkart e vouchers, pens , cosmetics , bags etc.
Few years back people would have never thought that such things are possible or would happen in India , but now these contest over the web are so popular that we have websites showing list of contests going on in India.
so if you have free time and want to win some goodies do try these contests on facebook or twitter .


Online contest in India