Arabic cuisine in Hyderabad

Mouth watering Arabic cuisine is available in Hyderabad which is not available in any other city in India.
The most important reason for this is there are plenty of foreign nationals from Gulf countries in Hyderabad.
People from Saudi Arab , Dubai , Iran and other gulf countries are staying as students and professionals , even many Somalians and Sudanese nationals are staying here. So a mix of cultures has effected the food industry also. we see resturants offering Arabian dishes like shawarma, Falafel, kabsa laham , Muttabaq etc.
These food are not only healthy but very yummy too, as they use less spices as compared to Indian dishes .
The sweet dishes like Kunafeh made from Vermicille or sewaiyen , umme Ali , Basbusa are also available .
people in Hyderabad really relish Arabian food because of its taste .
Irani chai is so famous here that people can’t think of without it. It is also called ” Sheer Chai ” as it very sweet .
so any one who plans to visit Hyderabad do try Arabian dishes here specially the Irani Chai.


Arabic cuisine in Hyderabad

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