Satisfaction Is The Key To happiness

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#CelebrateLife everyday

Happiness is a million dollar thing that does not comes with money or materialistic things but comes with small things as well.
The activities that make me happy are :
By solving others problems and bringing a smile on their face .
By making favourite breakfast or lunch for our family .
By going out for a vacation with kids and my husband.
By winning any contest or getting any prize or gift .
By celebrating a festival with near and dear ones.


so one can enjoy small things in life and be happy.
We should not wait for a Big Thing to happen but we should be happy in small things which we enjoy.
It also includes hobbies and passions .
Because it destress mind and body , one feels relaxed after that.
In fact one should try to live & enjoy each n every moment , thanking the almighty for all good things he has given to us.
Life is full of challenges , among those challenges and problems one should try to find happiness.

sometimes small things like sitting in the lap of nature or simply watching chirping birds or blooming flowers gives you happiness.

One can be happy only if he/she wants to be , otherwise nothing on earth could make them happy.
I personally know many people who are in a habit of complaining about everything , they can’t be happy and they are never satisfied.
If you are satisfied you are happy.
Instead of complaining about small problems in life one should be thankful to almighty for all the blessings and good things they had got in their life.
one more important things is we should stop comparing our lives with others because we never know what the other person is going through.
Comparison only makes us sad , because we think that others are more successful , we are not , they are more wealthy and happy , we are not. But its not true . Because we know only their success stories we have no idea about their struggles and problems.
If they are successful and happy they must have done lot of hard work .
So we should take inspiration from them , we should not compare our lives with them,

At last I would like to say enjoy your life to the fullest by doing what you like and try to be happy.
we can celebrate life everyday by doing small activities of our like & passion , only thing needed is positive attitude towards life.

Satisfaction Is The Key To happiness

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