“I am writing for #IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob activity at BlogAdda.com in association with Ariel.”

In India there is a mind set that Laundry is a womans job .Whether she is a home maker or a working professional its her duty to do laundry for the entire family. We have been seeing this since our childhood specially in the previous generation this thought or concept was more prevalent , we have seen our fathers , uncles and cousin depending on their wives or mothers for their laundry work. But now there is a slight change in the scenario specially when women have come out of their home and started doing job. I feel today Men are bit more responsible and understanding , sometimes they try to help their wives in daily house hold chores including laundry, which has become little easier with latest types of washing machines available in the market.
In my case I would say I AM LUCKY as my husband is sometimes helping me in my daily chores specially laundry work. During weekends he tries to wash his clothes in the machine with the help of all sort of cleansers he can get like Colline Collar cleaner , and Ujala Supreme for white clothes etc.
This all got accelerated after a funny incident:
Earlier I use to do all laundry work specially during weekends as I am also working in a school , so very busy during week days. Once My husbands shirt was not looking very clean after getting washed in the washing machine , angrily he said” Do a little more hard work for cleaning my clothes” , My youngest daughter who was 4 years old then , felt very bad as she loves me a lot and can’t bear any body scolding me , said Abbu mama is also very busy with her job and daily household chores , she does cooking , cleaning , washing clothes (of everyone including you) , how much more work will she do? can’t you wash your clothes yourself ??
and instead of saying her Thanks you are scolding her , I won’t talk to you.
This made a deep impact on my Husbands pysycology and he agreed to what my daughter has said.
And then started helping me in many works , specially washing his own clothes, thus breaking the rule that men can’t do laundry.
So I feel that men should be made to realise that Laundry is not only a woman’s work , they can also do with the help of washing machine and most important they should realise the hard work put by the women folk of their homes in everything , be it be cleaning or cooking or taking care of kids etc.They should appreciate their wives , moms and sisters for everything and make them feel better and worth even after doing household chores.

Regarding statistics its true that 85% of working women feel that they are doing two jobs , Being a working woman I completely agree with this , I often get tired and exhausted doing my job & household chores.

And thinking of the past generation men this is also true that 77% or more men depend on woman for the laundry work.

and 2/3rd of the Indian women think that there is inequality at home between men and woman because a man does not want to do anything after coming from work place where as a woman does a lot of work after coming back to home from work place , as in my case after coming from School in the afternoon I cook food and do other works of my home .

So it would be true to say Men and Woman are different : one is from Mars and the other from Venus.


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